RARE 10 INCH f8 Brass Lens & Shutter with Istantaneous & Timed slow speeds 1893


Usato : B+


Working shutter accuracy is not guaranteed,

diaphragms ok

beautiful clear and clean lenses without marks


Must be a rare thing, this, as in thirty + years I`ve not seen its like. It is a clockwork type instantaneous and measured speed shutter with metal Guillotine blades. It has two modes of operation, one being an instantaneous with shutter speeds from 3/4 second – 1/64th, the other timed speeds of 1 sec – 2 sec. The shutter is operated by pulling out the side lever to cock the blades, pressing a bar down to select the speed range, twisting a clockwork dial to select the time, then pushing up a paddle (that would have been operated pneumatically) to fire the shutter. I can get both systems to work but they are intermittent and not that accurate. There is a broken screw (one of three) mounting the lens and aperture diaphragm to the shutter mechanism and holding the whole unit more firmly in different places rewards with more reliability. I`m not going to attempt to get anything more than I have out of it with a simple clean, I`ll let somebody more skilled than me do that. The lens is appx 10 inch F8 and is clean and clear. It all looks much like the brass work of Lancaster, but there are no markings other than the technical ones needed to operate the shutter and Patent 17875 and 1893.


Otturatore funzionante ovviamente non possiamo garantire l’accuratezza

Diaframma ok

Lenti nitide e pulite senza segni


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