Salvador Dalì “THE POESY” silver and gold 1000 bas-relief 1983

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Salvador Dalì “THE POESY” silver and gold 1000 bas-relief


Created by IGI (Italian Graphic Institute) and the collaboration of the master in 1983


Excellent condition, even more beautiful in person, the relief is well defined


Gold plated plate approximately 19 x 19 cm and marked IGI gold plated


Contemporary frame with glass 48 x 48 cm


Bas-relief difficult to find


With certificate and notarial declaration



In the center we find a female figure wrapped in a light, draped dress and accompanied by a small winged cherub holding an open book. The woman is the allegorical representation of Poetry, she is intent on offering the observer a page of the text, to involve him in the scene and share Poetry as a common good. The subject is inspired by Calliope, the classical muse of epic poetry, who was often depicted with a wax tablet and stylus in her hand. In the background, we find a rocky landscape recurring in many works by the artist who has always been inspired by the morphology of Port Lligat and Catalonia, his place of origin.


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